The Consultation


Discover just how enjoyable and exciting dancing can be! Find your confidence and never say “I can’t dance” again.

When you book a consultation with Bella Ballroom, here’s what you can expect:

The Couple – We take the time to meet our couples and learn about your background, so we can provide instruction that suits you.

The Event — We’ll want to know some details about the event you’re preparing for—especially if it’s your wedding! By learning everything we can about your vision, we can make sure that you get exactly what you need to make your dance a success.

The Dance – Naturally, the most important decision to make is the actual dance. Everything is on the table, from tap to belly!

The Music —Think about what kind of music you want. Not sure? Worry not. We have resources to match you up with the perfect tune for that special moment.

The Action – Now that we know more about you and what you’re looking for, it’s time to get moving! We’ll try out some dance moves together so you get the feel for just how comfortable and fun your lessons can be!

Ready for your consultation?
Let’s move




At Bella Ballroom, we specialize in private dance lessons for couples planning for an event. While our niche is certainly in the wedding arena, we also serve social partner dances for any and every occasion. With dedicated instructors to support your goals, Bella makes beautiful dancing possible and fun for everyone!

* Your Wedding Dance

We know wedding planning can be incredibly taxing and stressful – rather than adding to your stress, we’ll show you how fun dance can truly be. Bella Ballroom prides ourselves on being an oasis through your busy time—a much-needed opportunity to cut loose with your better half, and remind yourselves why you’re getting married in the first place!

* Father–Daughter and Mother–Son Dance

The Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances are time-honored, special moments marking one of the most significant moments between a parent and child. That being said, each dancing couple has different goals, needs, and experiences. From the very moment we meet you, we respect you as individuals and as a couple, allowing you both to appreciate how fun dance can be!

* Your Special Event

Attending a special event? We’re here for you! Confidence is everything when you’re on the spot and you’ll be bursting with it. Learn new moves (the right way) and you’ll be right at home on the dance floor.

* Social Dancing

Preparing for a special date? Looking to meet someone new? If you want to add some new moves to your repertoire, you’re in the right place. Our expert instructors are the best dance partners you could ask for. They’ll lead you at your own pace to a rhythm you never knew you had!

We offer flexible scheduling with appointments available any day of the week, in the early morning or as late as 10pm. Our lessons typically last 45 minutes, and we don’t miss a beat. It won’t be long before you shed those two left feet.

Together with your partner, find your confidence and no judgment, so you can get out there and tear up that dance floor!