Testimonials for BELLA

As dance teachers, we work hard to deliver exceptional customer service and take pride in going above and beyond our client’s expectations! We love creating a fun learning environment that makes our students (especially our beginners!) feel comfortable. As a result, we receive feedback over and over again that expresses how much FUN our clients have reaching their dancing goals!

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Jennelle takes great pride in seeing her students improve and has tactfully coaxed me out of my comfort zone into competitive dancing. I take regularly scheduled lessons from her and since I started dancing with Jennelle, she has inspired me to dance in 2 competitions and 3 professionally choreographed shows on stage – I would have never thought just 2 years ago that I would be pursuing competitive dance and performing on stage. Jennelle’s teaching style encourages you to improve and also inspires you to get to the next level. If you ever doubted your dancing ability or ever just thought dancing might be something fun to do, I would HIGHLY recommend Jennelle as an instructor as she will bring out the dancer in you…

Don – Yelp.com

I wanted to take dance lessons with my Dad for my wedding so we didn’t just do the standard, awkward slow dance  I wanted it to be a fun and entertaining surprise for our family and guests and considering my Dad and I are both inexperienced dancers, Jill had a bit of work to do! We had 5 lessons with Jill and after each one, we became more and more confident. I really loved each session! Not only did we learn some great moves, it also allowed my Dad and I to take time out of the crazy wedding process and just enjoy some one-on-one time together. Jill taught us some key moves and helped us choreograph a simple dance to an upbeat classic Frank Sinatra song. Jill was patient, experienced, and very warm and friendly. On the day of the wedding, the DJ played the wrong song! I couldn’t believe it! Of all the songs to mix up, it had to be the one we had a routine to and the one we’d been practicing to! He still played a Frank Sinatra song, thankfully, and we totally pulled it off – thanks to Jill’s help and instilling confidence in the moves. My Dad did a GREAT job and the dance went perfectly! Nobody else even noticed we had a mini-panic moment before we got on out on the dance floor! Thanks Bella Ballroom & Jill!

Lindsay, The Knot.com
Christina and Jordan, First Dance Lift

Jennelle turned my two-left-feet into a fabulous first dance and her work was definitely cut out for her. She took us from “ok guys, this how you do a basic” to a two-song, fully choreographed, foxtrot and swing extravaganza… Our guests were super-impressed! You spend a LOT of money on your wedding – it’s really hard to avoid – but of all the things you spend money on there are few things you’ll actually get to keep and re-use. Dancing skills are among those things and Jennelle’s amazing personality and extreme patience will maximize yours. We are so happy that we picked Jennelle to teach us to dance. Call her and get started early. You won’t regret it!

Christina and Jordan – The Knot.com

As a guy, I wasn’t thrilled about spending an hour every week taking a “dance class,” but Jennelle’s dance instruction was great! She’s easy going and communicates clearly. She focuses on a few easy-to-understand steps at a time and then she helps you connect it all in the end to have a nice dance. She helped us with our first dance for our wedding. She not only helped us with the dance steps, but prepared us mentally for the actual dance on the day of our wedding. She spent time listening to our song and put together something that would really complement our song. That was a nice touch as it shows that she doesn’t just teach the same thing to a different song/different couple. She was also very helpful with scheduling. I would definitely recommend the classes.

Sam and Erin, Yelp.com

We were so thankful to get some last minute lessons from Jill at Bella. We almost didn’t do a first dance at all because we didn’t make the time to learn any steps. Jill met with us at the last minute the week of our wedding and gave us just the important moves to focus on – entrance, a few nice spins/moves, some easy footwork and an ending! When we put it all together it looked professional. The best part was my groom was able to relax, enjoy and look into my eyes without worrying about fancy footwork. This made for a very sentimental and lovely first dance.

Emily and Mike, The Knot.com
Brandon and Jessica, Shoot Me Photography Studios

My fiancé surprised me with dance lessons a couple months before our wedding. I was a little nervous going in since neither one of us had ever taken dance lessons but my nervousness quickly disappeared. Jennelle is a great instructor. She started us off slow and worked at our pace. She teaches you the dance steps and lets you put them together in to a dance. There was no counting steps or memorizing a particular dance. I felt completely comfortable on our wedding day and our first dance was a total success (Thank you Jennelle!) I would recommend dance lessons to all couples. With all the planning that goes on right before the wedding, dance lessons are a perfect time for you and your fiancé to spend time together, when you don’t have to think about planning, it’s just you and him dancing. Jennelle was great and I’m recommending her to all my friends who get engaged!

Jessica and Brandon – Yelp.com

Bella Ballroom is a great place to learn a special first dance for your wedding. Jill, our dance instructor, and Jennelle, the owner, were really great to work with. At first, I thought it would be impossible to get my husband to go, which at first he was skeptical, but he ended up doing a great job and even enjoyed it. Although he wanted to do tricks and throw me up in the air, the dance choreography we learned from Jill was fun and easy. Everyone at our wedding was surprised and loved it! I can’t believe how much we were able to learn from Jill. Me and my husband both agree that we will remember our dance for the rest of our lives. Maybe one day we can move up to Salsa dancing.

Kimmy and Steven, Yelp.com
David and Lakshmi, dancing on their cruise

My husband gave me dance lessons with Bella Ballroom for my birthday. We love cruising and would watch couples dance away the night. I wanted to do that with my husband. After the first few lessons, we were dancing!!!

David and Lakshmi – Yelp.com

Thank goodness for Jennelle and Bella Ballroom, or we would have done some boring dance and probably made fools of ourselves. Our dance was awesome (at least we thought so and we have gotten so many compliments). In addition we LOVED going to dance class. It was the one thing out of the wedding process that we did together on a regular basis. We met for dance and really enjoyed it. In fact, we had a hard time saying goodbye and have considered going back just for fun. And the end result made it well worth it. I went with my dad also, and it was so nice to spend that time with him and he too really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Jennelle if you would like to do a super cool first dance. She is very talented and very creative. The dance I did with my dad was completely different from the dance I did with my husband and they were both amazing.

Shea and Ryan, Weddingwire.com

I had a corporate event where I was taking 280 customers to Buenos Aires and we had a farewell dinner where I needed to perform a tango in front of this large audience. I signed up to do a 10 lesson package and Jennelle turned me into a Argentine tango dancer. Jennelle is very supportive and upbeat and has great attention to detail. I would highly recommend her as a dance instructor.

Bill, Google plus