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As dance teachers, we work hard to deliver exceptional customer service and take pride in going above and beyond our client’s expectations! We love creating a fun learning environment that makes our students (especially our beginners!) feel comfortable. As a result, we receive feedback over and over again that expresses how much FUN our clients have reaching their dancing goals!

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My fiance wanted to WOW our guests with our first dance. We got a ton of compliments and people were shocked at his new dancing skills. He hasn’t had any dance/music experience at all. Jenelle helped us with a choreographed first dance and also taught us ways to make it through if we were to make a mistake. She also taught basic dances that we could dance at the wedding. Her energy is so contagious, you can’t help but smile and have fun the entire time. Our dance lessons were such a good break during the wedding planning time. I cannot recommend her enough! We are going to try to continue lessons even after.

Ashley and Keahon – Weddingwire.com

jennelle is truly a sweetheart and made our lessons so much fun! I loved that she taught us the basics and then gave us a loosely choreographed intro and ending – that was crucial to the success of our 1st dance! I never anticipated what actually happened at our wedding – all of the sudden our music started playing, we rushed up to the dance floor and I FORGOT EVERYTHING! My husband literally had to tell me what to do with my feet until I got my box-step rhythm. We quickly got oriented and had a magical first dance  The lessons helped us have an impressive first dance – all of our guests oohed and aaahed for the spins and twirls and they cheered as we took our final dip. It was so much fun to take the dance floor as a couple and dance to a song that means so much to us.

Vanessa and Nick, Project Wedding.com
Casey and Alison, Amore Wedding Photography

We decided to try out classes because we weren’t sure how to dance to our chosen song and didn’t want to be upstaged by our parents, who had also been taking lessons. I decided to call Bella Ballroom based on reviews and I’m so glad I did. Jenelle got back to me quickly, it was very easy to schedule classes, and she took time to figure out what we were looking for before we started. Once we did, she really taught to our level…We learned a few new moves each class, as well as specific choreography for the beginning and ending of the song. We weren’t looking for something super choreographed, so Jenelle worked with us to make sure we knew enough turns and fancy stuff to look interesting while teaching us to be a good follow/lead team so we wouldn’t have to memorize anything. We had such a great time going to class and were very comfortable when it came time for our first dance. Thank you so much, Jenelle – I cannot recommend Bella Ballroom enough!

Alison and Casey, Google plus

As a guy, there was one thing I was hoping my fiance at the time would not ask me to do at our wedding. In fact, I was convinced the reason guys shy of getting married is the thought of First Dance. Never-the-less my Fiance got me to go for the first lesson with Jennelle. For me to get a sense if I liked it or not…I finally decided to go along. Working with Jennelle in that first session was such a pleasure and so easy that I looked forward to our next session. In fact honest to goodness, when our wedding was done and over with and looking back I LOVED one part of the wedding, and it was the First Dance and all our practices with Jennelle leading up to it. She is so fun, caring, flexible, listens well, understands you do not plan to be an expert in the dance and teaches you what you need to know to just be amazing for your first dance. She was just amazing – a great experience. Even if not for a wedding and just for weekend fun, and to learn something great, I really recommend taking lessons. It will make you feel great about yourself and enjoy your future parties/gatherings knowing how to dance and impress. Guys – you will love your time – trust me.

Omid and Hanieh, Yelp.com

If you want to stun your friends and family by tearing up the dance floor you need to call Bella Ballroom dancing. They can teach you all of the classic moves to make your event a classic to remember. You cannot lose with Bella Ballroom Dancing.

Informal Productions, Weddingwire.com
Ayla and Nino, KLK Photography

Jennelle is wonderful! She’s very sweet, friendly, and approachable. My wife and I went to her to learn our first dance for our wedding. We didn’t have any dance background. Her instructions were easy to learn, and she choreographed our entire first dance, turned out great!

Ayla and Nino – Yelp.com

I have always had this dream of going swing dancing. Jennelle helped me realize my dream. Not only did I realize my dream, I also found another community of friends and family. I learned a lot in my dance lessons. I would definitely return to learn more and recommend her for dance lessons.


Many brides and grooms are afraid of the dreaded first dance… but Bella Ballroom will erase the fear and give you the confidence you need to shine on the dance floor!

Kerri Hatter Events, Weddingwire.com

To see Bella Ballroom’s work with couples, is nothing short of spectacular. As a photographer, seeing a couple’s first dance is so crucial to what we do. The amount of emotion that is evoked in those few moments, is something you can’t put into words. What you can put into words though, is seeing the level of confidence they have. There is nothing like seeing a smiling face of a happy couple as they dance in front of all their guests. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and will even be getting lessons myself!

John, Weddingwire.com

My husband and I had a wonderful time with our dance lessons at Bella Ballroom. Coming from a former high school teacher, I want to especially praise our instructor, Jennelle, for what an incredible teacher she is. She is patient, encouraging, approachable and so fun. I had taken a few dance lessons years ago, but my husband had not. Jennelle’s methods were geared perfectly for our level of skill and our personalities. We took 5 lessons from Jennelle, and come wedding day our guests were amazed by our first dance! And although we made a couple small mistakes, no one at the wedding had any clue because Jennelle doesn’t teach you one routine, she teaches you how to dance!! So we regrouped easily when we made even the slightest error. Thank you, Jennelle, for making our first dance such a wonderful part of our day. We can’t wait to take more lessons from you in the future.

Cara and Colby, Project Wedding.com