Bridal Show Open House at Mission Viejo Country Club

Mission Viejo wedding show

All brides and grooms-to be and their families are invited to the Mission Video County Club’s Bridal Open House! Hosted by Events by Cori, the show will offer champagne, appetizers, cake tasting and a raffle. Admission is FREE, but you must register to attend. To register visit:



Bella Ballroom student dances in Irvine, CA dance competition

Join us as we cheer on own very own student, Don, as he competes this Saturday at the California Classic Dance Festival in Irvine! He will be competing in the Professional/Amateur Division (Pro/Am for short.) This means Don will be dancing with his professional teacher, Jennelle, and will be competing against other men in his age category. It’s similar to the format of “Dancing with the Stars!” Don will be competing in the American Rhythm and American Smooth styles. In the Rhythm style, he will be dancing the Cha Cha, Rumba and the East Coast Swing and in the Smooth style he will be dancing and competing in the Tango, Waltz and Foxtrot.

Don and Jennelle have been practicing for a number of weeks—Don had to learn and memorize 6 new dance routines and work on his technique and styling. His dancing will be judged on a few factors including: timing, proper technique, lead/follow, musicality and footwork. Although all of these factors can seem stressful—competing and watching dance competitions is really fun and very supportive! It’s an opportunity to show off all of the skills that dancers have been working on in the weeks (and months!) in preparation. Ballroom Dance competitions are like football games—cheering and shouting is encouraged! Come join us this Saturday and cheer Don on! The details for the competition are below:

Dance competition this weekend

Ballroom Dance competition in Irvine, CA

What: California Classic Dance Festival
Where: Irvine Marriott Hotel at 18000 Von Karmen Ave., Irvine, CA 92612
When: Saturday, January 18th from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm

About the dances: Waltz dancing

Waltz dancing couple

Ballroom Dancing: The Waltz

When a couple is looking to create a memorable first dance for their wedding day, or when couples or individuals are looking to learn a romantic, slow and smooth-style dance, the waltz often times tends to be the dance that the client unknowingly is looking for. With this ballroom dance being such a popular one, we felt it would be exciting to give a little background on the history of the dance that is often known as “the mother of all dances”.

The waltz began as a folk dance in 18th century Germany, based off of a dance called the Landler. The Landler, which had a hop in the step, transitioned to a glide, creating a new form of dance. Originally called the Walzer or Walzen, which meant to roll, turn, or glide, it became known as the Waltz over time. This new fad quickly spread from Germany to Paris by Napoleon’s soldiers and continued to trickle into England and eventually the United States.

The waltz was started by the Peasant class and was considered a scandalous dance due to the closeness it entailed.  This was the first dance to be danced in closed position, with the hand of the man touching the woman’s body! Even though it began as a shocking form, people quickly took a liking to it and it has become the standard smooth, triple time dance, with many variations created from it. With steps of 1,2,3, the waltz paved the way for many other forms of ballroom dance and continues to be known as the backbone dance, the dance to create the standard for all ballroom dances.

We hope this quick history lesson has been a fascinating insight into one of the most beloved dance forms!

Holiday Dance Classes Gift Certificates!

Looking for the perfect holiday present? Give the gift of dance! Dance classes are the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas and Holiday list! At Bella Ballroom, we strive to make our dance lessons easy and fun and you’ll be enchanted with our beautiful and fun dance studio (if we do say so ourselves!) We specialize in working with clients who are new to dancing, and couples who are new to dancing together. Beginners and “two-left-feet” welcome!

Dance classes for Christmas and HolidaysDance classes are a great gift for engaged couples who are getting married. Couples can learn a few dancing basics or a full choreographed dance—it’s up to them! Even just a few lessons will help wedding couples feel more at ease when all eyes are on them for their important spotlight moment—the first dance. Dance lessons are also great for individuals preparing for upcoming special events like parties and benefits. Some clients are looking to meet new people, find a new hobby, and get some fun exercise—all great reasons for dancing! Dance lessons are great for those who are single and for couples. All ages are welcome!

We are currently offering a holiday special for dance classes: 3 private lessons for $149. These are private classes and are 30 minutes each session. This is a great way to get started with dance lessons and have a lot of fun! This gift certificate may be ordered and delivered online for your convenience. To purchase the gift certificate, simply click on the link on the right-hand sidebar. It will take you to our PayPal link to purchase the gift certificate. When we receive your payment, we’ll email the gift certificate to the email address you provided. If you’d like a custom-made gift certificate or have any questions, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of you. We’re available holidays- give us a call! 949-436-1083.

Wedding Trendsetter Award Nomination

Last week, Bella Ballroom Dance Studio was nominated for a wedding trendsetter award for best new idea or concept in the wedding industry. The Trendsetter Awards, sponsored by the Association of Bridal Consultants – Orange County, was held this year at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, CA. The event had a guest list of over 200 attendees and included the top wedding industry professionals in Orange County. We have a great time chatting with old friends, and making new industry connections.

Our award submission for best new wedding concept was a fun surprise first dance and wedding party flash mob. Kristine and Raul dreamed of stepping outside the box when it came to their first dance and we helped make their dream a reality. They envisioned a dance that would express the love they felt for each other as well as get the party started! They wanted to do something different and go beyond the traditional, slow first dance. So, we helped them choreograph a dance that involved their entire bridal party and included three of the couple’s favorite songs. Their guests had a blast with the surprise dance and the love they feel for each other shined throughout the entire routine.

Watch the video below for the 60 second highlight video of their wedding dance. We’ll be sure to include their entire dance soon!


Ballroom dancing night out with clients

Balboa Bay Club dancing in Newport Beach


Last Friday, November 15th was a night to remember, as Bella Ballroom students tore up the dance floor at the Balboa Bay Club with their dance moves! With a live band ready and willing to play any style we wished, students and instructors alike were able to try their hand at salsa, waltz, swing, and many others. With the dance party starting at 8:30pm, we so enjoyed ourselves that we shut down the place! It took them turning the lights off to get us to leave!

In addition to being a fun night of dancing, there were also fantastic food and delicious drinks to be had. As we shared a table and got to know each other, both students and teachers alike got the chance to get to know each other inside of and outside of the dance world.

Duke’s Place at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA has dancing every Friday night from 8:30 to 11:30pm! We go as a studio once a month and it is a great opportunity to practice your dance moves in a noninvasive, relaxed place that allows you to just have a fun time! So whether with us or if you’re brave enough to venture out on your own, please take advantage of this great dance space!

If this sounds like the right place for you to practice your moves, impress your friends (and instructor when you get back into the studio), or just to go out for a night of fun, let us give you a few tips:

  1. Parking is free!!! If you park on PCH. If you want to valet you have to eat at the restaurant, so just to give you a heads up.
  2. Again, the actual dance club is a free entrance fee.
  3. We go as a studio once a month, so please take advantage of our going together! You are not alone!

“Through the Heart of Tango” in Irvine, CA

On October 20th, participants in Orange County viewed a film screening of a documentary called, “Though the Heart of the Tango” at the Irvine Civic Center Auditorium as part of the Silent River Film Festival. This heart-warming documentary is about 8 individuals including 3 with Autism and 1 with Down’s Syndrome learning to bond through tango dancing. The film includes renowned tango dance instructors Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo who have both been featured on television’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”

We here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio are very interested in the non-verbal communication that occurs through partner dancing and how this can be beneficial to all individuals, especially those with special needs and their families. There are several projects that we are becoming involved with on the subject and will be excited to share more about this down the road. If you are interested in learning more, watch the official trailer for the film above and visit:

Celebrating our New Dance Studio! Party time!

Ballroom dancing show














Bella Ballroom Dance Studio recently opened our brand dance studio! Just a few miles from our previous location, we are now next door to some amazing stores: Mon Amie Bridal, Friar Tux, David Salon, Cinderella Cakes, Flower Fusion, Essence Entertainment, and the Ayres Hotel. We love our brand new spot and so do our clients! Centrally located just minutes from John Wayne airport, it’s easy to get to from all over Orange County. We’re now at: 355 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA.

We celebrated our new location in grand style! Our guests enjoyed music from our live jazz trio (with owner Jennelle’s husband on keyboard—Jennelle got up to sing a few songs with the band too!) Students and teachers performed as well—a foxtrot ballroom dancing performance from our student Don, a wedding dance routine by newly married Kate and Mike, and a high-energy swing routine (complete with flips and aerials) by instructor Joel and owner Jennelle. We all enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as well as custom Bella Ballroom Dance Studio cupcakes by Cinderella Cakes. They were so yummy! Flower Fusion provided beautiful flowers for the event and Essence Entertainment gave us our cool “mood lighting.” It was a fabulous event (if we do say so ourselves!) and we can’t wait for the next one!

We love visitors so please feel free to check out our new studio anytime!

Visiting at the dance studio Ballroom dance figures on cupcakes Jorge Visiting with his Daughters Eating food and drinking Jazz trio playing for the dance studio All smiles dancing swing and salsa at the wedding dance party


Love Tour Bridal Bash

Bella Ballroom will be at the Love Tour Bridal Show tomorrow, October 23rd from 6-9 pm at Rancho Las Lomas! Guests will enjoy a glass of OneHope wine while snacking on small bites from 24 Carrots. Live music, a vintage photo booth, awesome giveaways, and our white tigers will have couples roaring! Featuring Sweet Lucie’s ice cream, florals from Inviting Occasion and gorgeous furniture from Found Vintage Rentals, Blush Bridal Couture, Ampersand Ink Designs to name a few, The Love Tour will help you make a major dent in your wedding to-do list.

Attending a wedding show and giving dance lessons

Love Tour Bridal Bash

Bella Ballroom Dance Studio will be doing two FREE DANCE LESSONS giveaways at the event. But you must be present to win–so join us tomorrow to meet fantastic wedding and event professionals! This will be an event to remember (we are so excited to attend!) so get your tickets now.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit:

Dancing Tip of the Week: Practice Makes Perfect

Dance classes practice

Practice makes perfect at home.


We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect!” And when it comes to dancing, that’s absolutely correct! Many people talk about the concept of “muscle memory” when it comes to developing dancing skills. It’s the idea that through practice, the muscles will move automatically without having a lot of concentrated thought. An example of this is walking: a young toddler requires a lot of deliberate effort at first in order to step one foot in front of the other, but eventually gets to the point where she/he can walk without thinking about it. And we can do this with any physical skill we study so that way we can automatically ride that bike, swing a golf club, etc. There isn’t yet consensus about scientists about how exactly muscle memory works, but there is enough evidence that shows that it can occur.




Orange County dance lessons builds muscle memory

Even just a few minutes of practice will improve your dancing!

In ballroom and partner dancing, there is always a great desire among students to get to that “automatic” dancing place. And it makes sense! Instead of worrying about the movements, it’s much more fun to be in the moment with your partner and enjoy each other’s company, rather than counting the beat or over-concentrating on dance steps. That’s why in dance classes, we spend time with repetition so that students feel like the dance steps come automatically. However, students who practice outside of their dance classes, even just for a few minutes each week, will feel their muscle memory improve greatly! There really isn’t such a thing as too much practice in dancing. However, we know that most of our clients are very busy, so even just 5 or 10 minutes of practicing each week (just a few minutes is really all you need!) will really help your dancing feel more fluid, comfortable, and automatic.

Note: keep in mind that you need to be performing your dance moves correctly for practicing to be effective. If you are unsure of your dance moves, it would be better to hold off on practicing and ask your dance instructor about it at your next class.

So, move that coffee table in your living room, turn on your favorite dance song and get practicing!


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